It’s amazing what hidden talents people have no idea they process until a little exploration brings them to light.

The Art Therapy team at Strathcarron Hospice seem to have the knack of uncovering many different talents with their patients. With their creativity and passion for helping people to achieve their own goals it’s a winning combination. Daycare patients spend many hours in the comfort (and chaos) of the Craft Room, supported by volunteers, to uncover their many hidden talents, from painting masterpieces to weaving on a traditional loom.

Of course, many patients wish to create a special piece of work for their loved ones such as a memory box full of personal mementoes and moments to gift their children or grandchildren.

One such person who has uncovered a very special talent is Norman. He initially started tinkering around with the some old dolls houses which had been donated which were in need of some love, care and attention. This led him on to a much bigger project of creating a masterpiece of a dolls house, complete with staircases, fully decorated with wallpaper and electric lighting fittings! 

Not content with merely creating this very special piece, Norman wanted to put it to very good use in raising vital funds for the Hospice he attends. He asked that we sell it in one of the Strathcarron shops which we accepted with great pride and excitement. It was placed in the window of the shop in Melville Street and sold within hours for a fabulous £100. In fact, so popular was the window display that phone calls have been coming in from customers wishing to place orders. All profits from our shops go directly into specialist palliative care, always provided free of charge, for local people.

We are all so very proud of Norman’s achievements. Maybe no matter what age or stage of life we’re at it’s never too late to dip our toes in the waters of creativity to discover our true hidden talents.