Volunteers are invaluable to your local Hospice. Without their help, expertise, kindness and generosity of time, we simply couldn't deliver all of our services.

Julie and Sharon from Hannon Financial Planning have been supporting our work for a number of years and this summer spent a full day volunteering with us.

Their Corporate Volunteering Day was two fold: in the morning they delivered a Pensions Training Session to some of our staff and volunteers - sharing their professional expertise and insight. Then in the afternoon, they spent some time with our Fundraising Team helping to source raffle prizes for our upcoming events.

This was incredible learning opportunity for our staff while also helping to raise the profile of Julie and Sharon's business. The benefits of volunteering are mutual. The pair were also brilliant at sourcing raffle prizes.

We're always keen to hear from people and businesses who would like to offer their time and expertise to help their local Hospice.

Volunteering is ALSO a fantastic way to build friendships, skills, confidence, and connections.

If your business offers a volunteering day independently or via online systems e.g. Neighbourly and you'd like to explore more about what you can do with Strathcarron, please get in touch with our Volunteer Service Co-ordinator, Eileen Ashford on Tel. No. 01324 826222 Ext 271 or e-mail [email protected].

We'd love to hear from you and have a chat!

For more infomation on Volunteering with Strathcarron: Volunteer for us