Strathcarron Hospice is passionate about developing Compassionate Communities in the Forth Valley area.    

We are delighted to have received a grant from The National Lottery Community Fund, over 3 years,  to enable us to develop this work. Compassionate Communities is a social movement which aims to build strong relationships within local areas where supporting ageing, illness, dying and grieving is something everyone can get involved with.  These circumstances are something every single one of us will come to face during our lifetimes. 

Starting in early 2020, Compassionate Community Builders will get to know local people and community groups. Together we will work out what the community can do for themselves with existing resources, and what they need help and support with. Each community will develop its own ways of supporting its own members. This might include befriending, peer-support, community drop-ins and education or information programmes. We will work within each community to build networks of volunteers who will support people to live as well as they can, within their own community, right up to the end of life. All activities will focus on what people can do and want to do. The aim of the project is to reduce isolation and improve the quality of life for people affected by long-term conditions. 

Sometimes the smallest and simplest of things have the greatest impact. As one lady recently said of her late husband’s befriender “It was one of the most kind and helpful things I had during my husband’s illness.  A very kind and supportive help which was just what I needed”.