We are currently looking for people to join our Council of Management.  Our Council members are Trustees and Unpaid Directors who give up their free time to support a cause they believe in.  Council Members have no direct management responsibilities but they set the overall strategic direction and ensure that we work within the objectives of the charity, as laid our in our governing documents.

Our Council meets in the evening; four times a year and Council Members generally also join a sub-committee that reflects their interest and expertise.  these committees are: Audit;Clinical Governance; Fundraising; Retail; Building and Investment.  Council members provide advice and scrutiny through their participation in these meetings.

We are particularly looking for a qualified accountant and people with a knowledge of the business sector.  We would also welcome candidates who are active in their local communities.

If you are interested please contact Irene McKie, Chief Executive for an informal chat via telephone on 01324 826222 or via e-mail.  Council Members are selected through an interview process and then election at the AGM and we would welcome expressions of interest by 31st July 2017 . 

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