Could you host a dinner party with friends, family or colleagues and help us care for terminally ill people this winter?

This November, sign up for Dine@Mine, commit to raising a minimum of £200 for Strathcarron and you will receive a free cook book containing a selection of tasty suggestions for starters, main courses and desserts, and a home-wine tasting voucher for 6 people courtesy of our partner Pieroth Wines (RRP £99!). You could have a big celebration or an informal buffet, theme your dinner party, or host a Come Dine With Me style competition. Either way it's a great reason to get together, enjoy some delicious food and at the same time raise funds in support of your local hospice.

Master Chef Billy Meikle has very kindly shared his ideal dinner party menu with us to inspire you to get started. Read Billy's recipe for his special Sweet Potato and Chilli Soup starter below:

  • Place 8 large sweet potatoes on a baking tray with one crushed bulb of garlic, a pinch of salt and pepper and drizzle with olive oil
  • Roughly chop a stick of celery, 2 large onions, half a turnip and 2 large carrots
  • In a large pan, gently fry the vegetables in olive oil until they start to soften slightly
  • Finely chop 1 chilli and fry for a minute with the other vegetable ingredients.
  • Add salt, pepper and 2 vegetable stock cubes and cover the vegetables (roughly 2 inches of stock above the vegetables)
  • Once the potatoes are soft leave them to cool before scooping the potato from their skins. Add the potato to the pot of vegetables and stock.
  • Heat through and blitz in a food blender, adding more vegetable stock to achieve your favourite consistency
  • Put soup back on the heat and add half a can of coconut milk
  • Taste then add salt, pepper and chilli powder until happy with seasoning and spice (Top tip - add chilli powder a little at a time and let it cook through for a minute before tasting again as the heat can build as it cooks)
  • Serve with a chilli oil and a small spoonful of crème fresh in a bowl, with a sesame seed bun on the side.
  • Enjoy!