When living day to day with a life limiting condition, many people and their loved ones report feelings of anxiety, stress and tension. It's often described as a ‘constant chatter in the head which is difficult to control’.These feelings can have a negative effect on other symptoms e.g. worsen pain or breathlessness; make sleeping difficult; find it hard to concentrate.Alongside traditional and clinical treatments, our team of experienced complementary therapists offer therapies which have been shown to relax both the body and the mind.Mindfulness is something you can practice yourself and there’s an increasing amount of research into the benefits of its practice. Researched benefits Include:• Improvement in general wellbeing• Effective method of stress reduction• Reduction in psychological distress for suffers of long term health conditions• Reduced intake of pain relieving medications amongst chronic pain suffers• 65% improvement in quality of life experienceTake time as you walk. Feel your feet in contact with the ground, notice the weather around you, the different smells, what you see, what you can hear. When you notice that your awareness has drifted off into thinking about something other than your walk, simply bring your attention back to the contact of your feet on the ground.