Here at Strathcarron Hospice we know how important our surroundings are to the general well-being of patients and families, so are delighted to unveil our newly refurbished Day Care Unit, which has just undergone a complete transformation in its first upgrade in over ten years. On average, 20 different patients attend Day Care everyday, where they can enjoy a relaxing day with the support of our nurses and volunteers, together with physiotherapists, occupational therapists and complementary therapists.

There were months of testing many different chairs to be sure we had something to suit all of our patients and the challenges they face, whether that be decreased mobility or using an oxygen tank. Following that, the colours and textures were all carefully considered to create a healing environment. Evidence points to the real benefits of healthcare facilities designed around patients, family and staff needs and preferences, and we know the central place that wellbeing of mind, body and spirit plays in health, particularly for those with a terminal illness.
The upgrade was funded mainly by the Margaret Murdoch Foundation, with support from a number of other foundations,for which we are incredibly grateful, knowing the difference it will make to our patients.

Although our Day Care services continued in a different area of the Hospice throughout the period of refurbishment, we are now delighted to welome everyone back 'home' to this beautiful space, which has been described by patients as 'gorgeous', 'peaceful' , 'calming', 'braw' and 'fair posh'! We couldn't agree more!