Many people who are admitted to Strathcarron Hospice will return home again after receiving the appropriate specialist care needed, whether that be symptom control or pain relief.

 It can be a daunting thought for many people to return home and regain their independence again after a stay in the in-patient unit. To ease the transition from hospice to home our Rehabilitation Team will assess each person’s individual capabilities and put together a plan to ensure independent living back home, with extra support where necessary.

Upon discharge from the Hospice we will always ask for patient feedback and this is one patient’s personal story. “ I admit I now feel slightly anxious as today is the day I go home as I would quite happily stay here. I felt very well supported planning for home. Staff have listened to me and recognised how I previously struggled. They helped me to see how some support at home would allow me to function as well as I can in the Hospice. Their help with daily tasks has helped me reserve energy and feel less tired. I am now happy to have extra care at home to help me use my energy wisely. I am slightly concerned about the times they will come in at night but I will find ways to make this work. The team here have reassured me that things can be reviewed at home if they are not working, which I am happy with”.

 Sometimes we take for granted the most basic of pleasures such as being in our own home and we will do everything we can to make sure people can enjoy their independence as much as possible for as long as possible. Home Sweet Home.