This week celebrates #HospiceCareWeek. After a difficult 18 months, we want to take this time to celebrate and thank everyone for working so hard to ensure vital services continue. Our teams have had to rapidly adapt their services to continue to provide expert, high quality care - at a time when our communities needed them the most.

As part of our 40th birthday celebrations, we are also encouraging local people to share their ‘stories of connection' on what Strathcarron Hospice means to them across social channels using hashtag, #OurStrathcarron. We would love to hear from you! 

One story of friendship and connection: Fae surprised her friend Margaret when she turned up at her house with a bunch of flowers after not seeing her for over 18 months! 

Mandy Malcomson, Day Services Lead Nurse, Strathcarron Hospice said, “The friends met at the Hospice in 2019 and have chatted regularly on the phone during the Pandemic. She organised her brother to drive the 50minute to surprise her friend, because I think she not only missed her, but needed to see her face. 

Margaret, known affectionately as ‘Wee Granny’ by her friend Fae had no idea she was coming. On appearing at the door, Fae casually said, “Are you not going to let me in?”. Wee Granny was so overwhelmed, she nearly knocked a table over as they went in for a cuddle! They held hands for the three hours they were together. 

There was such excitement and joy in Fae’s voice when she told me. Making this journey was a huge deal for her, but she said it was THE most wonderful day. She is living her life. It’s incredibly heart-warming.