Hospices are often viewed as ‘mysterious’ places for people who have never visited one before.  Although Strathcarron Hospice is widely known in the local area this week we are going to throw some light on the most common myths around hospice care.

Hospices are places that people just go to die: In fact patients come into the Hospice for a variety of reasons including assessment and review of complex symptoms, medication control and will return home upon discharge.

Hospices only look after people with cancer: Strathcarron Hospice services are available to anyone with a life limiting illness or condition, including neurological and respiratory conditions.

Hospice care is only delivered in the building: Whilst we have 24 beds within the in-patient unit far more people are cared for outwith the building by our Clinical Nurse Specialist and Hospice@Home teams. This may be at the patient home or where they are residing at the time of need.

Hospices only look after the elderly: We care for any adult over the age of 18 years who has been given a terminal diagnosis. We also provide support to those close to our patients, including children.

Hospices are part of the NHS: Strathcarron Hospice is an independent charity and rely on charitable giving to ensure our care is provided totally free of charge for patients and families. We receive 35% funding from the NHS and the balance of just under £5million a year is donated in many different ways.

Hospices are depressing places: Although people may access hospice care at a difficult time in their lives, we are warm, friendly and welcoming  and situated in beautiful gardens with tranquil outdoor spaces for enjoyment and reflection.  

Hospice care hastens death: With good quality symptom control and pain management the patient sometimes sees a short term improvement in their condition. Our mission is to simply provide the very best specialist care to ensure patients are comfortable and have the best quality of life possible in their time left.      

Strathcarron Hospice: Making Every moment count for patients and families.