Did you know that 85% of the people Strathcarron cares for are out with the Hospice building, as is their wish?Hospice@Home, one of Strathcarron’s community care teams, supports patients who want to be at home in their final days of life, if at all possible. And the need for our Hospice@Home service across local communities, is growing.The Hospice@Home Team work with the District Nursing, social services and others to provide care and support for people at home.Sue, from Strathcarron Hospice@Home Team says, “I helped to look after my Grandmother in her final days. So, shortly after she died I thought, if I can help my Grandmother, I can help other people too. 

People receive the same care in their own homes as they would in the Hospice. Not only do we want the patient to feel supported at end of life, but the family to feel supported too.We’re unwanted guests in people’s homes, only there as their loved one is dying.One standout memory for me that I will never forget; one family members of a person we were caring for was understandably distant. She wouldn’t converse with us when we first went into the home and would go into another room when we arrived. However, the more we were in the home caring for her loved one, the more she would open up.The day her dad died, she came over to me and gave me a huge hug and said, “you treated my dad like a person, you made us feel very important to you, not just like ‘another patient’ you had to look after. Thank you”.''It’s a privilege to do what we do. I always go home feeling like I have made a difference in someone’s life”.