The past 18 months have been challenging for all of us and we’re all still adjusting and adapting, but one comfort is that communities have truly been formed. Neighbours, friends and colleagues have been there for one another when it matters most.  

So, whether you’ve been doing the weekly food shop for an elderly neighbour, been collecting medical prescriptions for a friend, or calling a family member who lives alone to check in on them – we’ve all played our part in some way. Such a positive feeling of community spirit.  

Our Compassionate Communities team at Strathcarron Hospice believe that social connectedness is the key to a good life. We believe that communities have assets and resource which, if connected, can enable them to support each other through life’s tough times.  

The Assets Based Community Development approach we practice aims to build strong and resilient communities where neighbours can share their strengths and gifts in order to nurture and support every person right to the end of life and into bereavement.  

Knowing that you can call on someone when you need help, support or even just a chat, is invaluable. Having a community around you, of people you can trust and rely on is important and we believe that professional support has a role to support the communities’ efforts, not the other way round.   

Our team is made up of Community Builders, Community Development Outreach workers and a Community Link Worker.  

On Tuesday 7 September we’re hosting the second in a series of FREE online Jamboree events Celebrating Communities in partnership with Corra Foundation, Our Place Camelon and Tamfourhill, Village in the City, Nurture Development.  

We’ll share stories of our amazingly resilient local communities from 10am – 12.30pm. It is FREE and you can sign up via