Strathcarron Hospice hosts the only specialist lymphoedema clinic in Forth Valley. One of the common themes in discussions with lymphoedema and lipoedema patients is the lack of peer support. Many people have said that they do not know anyone else living with these conditions.   

Potential group activities that would encourage socialisation, symptom relief and self-management and confidence were discussed, so The Lymph Notes Choir was borne!  

Sometimes due to obvious swelling or large limbs, some people with lymphoedema and lipoedema feel self-conscious. This can become a barrier to taking part in activities. However, in a recent study, participants have recorded on average, a 35% increase in their mental health and mood since joining the choir in August 2021.   

Margaret Alcock, Strathcarron’s The Lymph Notes Choir Leader, "Singing together in a group is fun and has so many benefits to your mental and physical health. For many years I’ve been fortunate to sing with several bands, as a lead singer and as part of a choir group. 

Coaching the Lymph Notes Choir is an opportunity to share my joy and passion for singing. It is amazing and uplifting to hear them progress as a group and enjoy the singing. The Lymph Notes is open to anyone with a long-term condition, not just to people with lymphoedema or lipoedema, and you can bring a friend or carer with you." 

The Lymph Notes Choir welcome anyone living with Lymphoedema or Lipoedema to join them in Denny Baptist Church Hall, every Thursday 5-7pm.  

Even if you think you can't sing, enjoy the many proven benefits of singing in the social setting of a choir. Bring a friend, join us and have some fun!  

For more information, contact Margaret-Anne or Yolande on: Tel: 01324 826222. Email:[email protected]