We live, and die, in a  world of constant change.

Strathcarron Hospice is the same as any other organisation in the sense that we need to constantly adapt our methods of working. For example, as it became apparent more people than ever wished to remain at home during their end of life care and we needed to cope with an increase in the demands placed on our services, we introduced Hospice@Home to enable patients and their families to remain at home with our support.

Of course, it’s not only our services which need constant development. There’s also the most important resource we have; our people.  We have a constant duty to staff and patients for continuous professional development.  The Strathcarron Education Team is based at the Hospice and is responsible for facilitating training sessions to ensure staff working with patients are up to date with all the latest medical and social techniques in palliative care.  We also extend our training courses out to NHS staff and carers in other environments, such as a residential care home. We have a speciality in palliative care and it is vital we share this expertise with colleagues across the sector to enable them to better cope with those under their care at end of life, resulting in less emergency hospital admissions and providing  an overall more positive experience for those in their care. We are fully committed to Quality End of Life Care for All (QELCA) by sharing our knowledge with others working in our local areas.

“I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.” Maya Angelou, poet and writer.