Strathcarron supports people with complex lymphoedema, a condition where lymph fluid cannot drain away, resulting in problematic swelling of the arms or legs. It severely affects every aspect of daily living and while it is not curable, it can be managed well – which is where the Strathcarron Lymphoedema team come in!   

We were delighted recently to receive a gift in a will which enabled us to upgrade our lymphoedema clinic facilities, including new flooring and furnishings.  Everyone is delighted with the new look environment and our patients have nothing but praise for the support they have received. 

Diane McAauslan has been attending the clinic at Strathcarron for two years. Diane is a young woman who suffers with Spina Bifada and Hydrocephalus. Diane has to cope with swollen limbs, stretched skin, poor circulation and heel sores, and in the last year she has suffered septic shock and severe cellulitis. Early intervention is key in cases like Diane’s,  and the team have been instrumental in helping Diane, who lives independently, to identify the symptoms as soon as possible so she can seek help.  Diane radiates positivity despite all the challenges she faces on a daily basis, and credits a great deal of this and her ability to cope with her condition to Margaret Ann and the team. She has received treatment at various places all over Scotland over the last ten years, but  states that none have compared to Strathcarron!   

Another patient, Marri, is a wonderfully positive lady, who credits her partner and family, along with Strathcarron, with seeing her through some very tough times. Marri’s lymphoedema is a result of her breast cancer, first diagnosed in 2010, and the condition first presented in her right arm very soon after her breast cancer surgery.  The lymphoedema, along with a massive infected injury on her back, meant she was in constant pain, and struggling emotionally. The support of her partner and family, along with the care and support from Margaret Ann and the team, made the world of difference to Marri, and despite her ongoing health issues she is now confident in her self care and living a happy life. Marri enjoys baking and dogs, and has the most fabulous nails! She also sports a selection of amazing tattoos which are testimony to her personal journey and her continuing zest for life despite these personal challenges. 

These ladies are just two of many who benefit greatly from their visits to the Lymphoedema Clinic, and the impact Margaret Ann and her team have on their patient’s physical and emotional health is  substantial and life changing. If you would like more information about the services provided by the Clinic, please call 01324 826222 and ask for the Lymphoedema Team.