At Strathcarron Hospice we strive to help people live fully until the end of life, achieve what is important to them and to 'make every moment count'. This really is at the core of all that we do and this Friday we want to take a moment to share a very special example of this.

A patient in our care recently expressed that she would like to hear a song. Music had always played such a big part in her life as she had sang in a choir for a number of years and now that her condition had progressed, she was no longer able to sing herself. She had been communicating with our staff through the use of an alphabet board and when one of our nurses, Lorraine, suggested that she could sing a song for her, this lady's thumbs went up and smile swept across her face. 

Lorraine will tell you herself that she is not a singer by any means but she knew how much this meant to our patient and so she got to work. When she finished her shift that night, she stayed up late researching songs by Frank Sinatra (this had been the lady's favourite). She then arrived 2 hours early the next day so that this time could be spent with our patient without any interruptions that her job might usually bring.

Whilst Lorraine was singing 'My Way', the lady mimed along and our nurses joined in, swaying in the background. In this amazing moment this lady had an experience she thought she would never have again and achieved a goal that was so important to her. Lorraine said: 

"I'm not usually a singer but I do believe that if it comes from the heart and you do it with love, it'll never be a bad sounding song." 

She was so right.