In these days of social media and technology, how often do you actually print photographs, or sit down to talk to elderly relatives and hear the stories they have to tell? Our Head of Education, Sally Boa, lost her Grandpop, Lt Charles Cooper, when she was just four, but he left a priceless legacy which Sally and the rest of his family will always treasure. Charles served in the forces throughout the First World War, and recorded all his stories on an old tape recorder in his greenhouse – not only do the family have his stories, but they can listen to them told by Charles himself. He tells tales of getting head lice, dying white horses with black boot polish so as not to be seen, and having to urinate on hankies to cover his face when the gas attacks came and they had no gas masks! Charles told his stories from the trenches with humour, but still conveyed the horrors of the war in the Somme and Ypres, and as well as the tapes left a wonderful collection of photos and letters.  It sometimes seems that even though we have more technology these days we forget to share our stories and keep the ‘real’ images and memories for future generations.  No filters, no posed selfies, but real ‘snapshots’ of life as we live it. What’s your story, and how would you want future generations to remember you? It’s up to all of us to make our own footprint on the future, and there is no better day to start doing that than today.