It's fair to say that during this year most, if not all of us, has experienced grief in some way or another.

The definition of grief is intense sorrow if something terribly sad happens and during 2020 we have had more of our fair share. Most of the things that once were taken for granted became losses. Children unable to go to school to see their friends, elderly friends and family unable to see each other, meeting up with others to share a lovely meal or even visiting our nearest and dearest. All of these experiences of loss can lead to grief. And not forgetting the most important one of all; the death of a loved one.

The majority of people are able to work through their grief and learn to live alongside it in a meaningful way. Many people find comfort in rituals, such as looking at old photographs, listening to their late loved ones favourite music or even cooking their favourite meal.

Every year at the Hospice we hold a service of remembrance to celebrate the lives of loved ones no longer here. It is an important date in the diary for people to come together at this special time of year. Although open to all, we especially love welcoming back families of patients we have cared for.

Due to current restrictions, we will be unable to hold our service in-person at the Hospice this year. However, we recognise the importance of this ritual and will be going online for the first time. The service will be streamed on Tuesday, 2nd December at 7pm and we will be delighted to welcome you.*

All you need to do is register at: and you will be sent a link nearer the time to join in. You will also receive a little candle to light up during the service in memory of your special person.

We may not be together in person this year but we will certainly be together with love and memories.

*Pre-Registration for the Virtual Candlelight Service closes on 24th November 2020.

Pre-Registrations for the Virtual Candlelight Service are now closed. The service will be available for general public view from Wednesday 2nd December.