A few weeks ago, Brian Armitage was discharged from our ward when our nursing team successfully treated his Urinary Tract Infection. He is now comfortable at home.  

“I’ve never had a promise made by anyone at Strathcarron that’s not been kept. This means a lot to my wife, Karin and I.   

Being a patient at Strathcarron Hospice was a totally different experience to what I had expected. Many of the patients were just like me, needing a little care and attention. It’s not in the least bit gloomy!  

The care we received, both in the ward and here in my own home, is incredible. Their focus is all about the person. Such a calm feeling - we’re in their expert care - like an arm around your shoulder. We feel totally supported and looked after.   

As well as Karen, Clinical Nurse Specialist and Ruth, Occupational Therapist, I am visited regularly by Stuart, the Chaplain. I also look forward to his visits; we have a right good blether. The team just seems to pick up on things. I just mentioned the other day that I was having a bit of trouble with one of my chairs, then the next thing I know, a replacement arrived for me.   

I don’t know how long I have left, but as my doctor said, ‘a matter of weeks’ 2 years ago, I am hopeful I’ll get to see and enjoy the completion of all the renovations we are currently having in our home!  

I am not scared about death; it is the process of dying and the pain I feared the most. However, Karen has discussed this process with my wife and I at length. She assures me that there should be no pain felt at any point throughout the dying process.   

Changes of medication ‘just happen’ for me and she’s keeping my pain under control, which is wonderful.  When the time comes, I just know that this will be another promise that Strathcarron will keep for me”.