Strathcarron Hospice teams meet regularly and these clinical team meetings are to discuss the health needs and goals for our patients and their families. 
These amazing, highly skilled nursing teams are joined by Strathcarron’s clinical specialists, including a Patient and Family Care Social Worker, Physiotherapist, Pharmacist, Chaplain, Occupational Therapist, Medical Consultants and Physician. 
Palliative care is physically and emotionally complex and every single patient’s needs are at the heart of these conversations. We listen, care and respect our patients’ physical, emotional, psychological, social and other needs. This holistic approach to care allows our patients to have choices, and positive perspectives to live the best quality of life possible.⠀

Palliative Care can be received at any point in illness. Some people receive palliative care for years, while others will receive care in their last weeks or days.

This ongoing and critical sharing of information is so that patients care is the best it can be to enable a good life, with dignity - right until the end.