Strathcarron Hospice is pleased to be supporting Demystifying Death Week, shining a light on death, dying and bereavement in Scotland.  

People usually want to do the right thing when someone they know is caring, dying or grieving. But often they can feel awkward offering help, or worry about making things worse. People can have questions about serious illness or death. But often they don't know who to ask. 

By talking, we can change the conversation about death and grief. So, we’d like to introduce our new Bereavement Lead, Eleanor.  

Eleanor says, “I am delighted to be starting as Bereavement Lead at Strathcarron Hospice. 

My background is as a medical doctor with experience in general practice and palliative care. While looking after patients and their families at the end of life, I have learned a lot about the complexity of human relationships, the depth of their love for one another and the inherent resilience people have.  

The death of a person can be seen as the end of a journey but it is also the beginning of a long and twisting road of recovery and transformation for those loved ones left behind. In my role, as well as continuing to offer specialist support to those who need it, I would like to open up wider conversations about the normality of grief and develop different options in group and community settings to support people in their journey through grief”.