This week we were delighted to welcome East Kilbride IT company Re-Tek to the Hospice for a very special visit.

If you cast your mind back to January you may well remember that Re-Tek, alongside environmental solutions company Valpak and Falkirk Council, visited Strathcarron to present a cheque for £1,000 following a joint project. Upon visiting the Hospice, Billy McPherson (Project Director at Re-Tek) was blown away by our very special services and his new insight into Hospice care and vowed to continue to his support.

Now, just two months after the initial visit, Re-Tek have made the very generous donation of three reconditioned iPads for the use of our patients and their families! Our patients can now enjoy social media, reading, games and music from the comfort of their beds, as well as capturing special moments using the camera and video, and even staying in touch with family and friends via Skype. However, Re-Tek have given a much greater gift than they initially realised - as Ward Manager Susan Bateman explained:

“Some of our patients find themselves unable to speak as a result of their conditions or treatments, but the iPads will give them a voice as they can be used to communicate with both staff and family, expressing vital choices regarding their care at the most important times. Even patients who struggle with words can use the devices to communicate thanks to a system called Talking Mats, which uses bespoke symbols and is especially useful for patients with additional conditions such as dementia.

These iPads are so much more than just a window to the outside world and this will be a gift which enriches the life of many of our patients. Three little iPads equal choices, empowerment and a voice for those who might otherwise feel silenced. Thank you Re-Tek.