Anyone who is familiar with Strathcarron Hospice will know music plays an important part of the daily routine.

More or less everyone enjoys some form of music and each has their own unique tastes when it comes to either listening or performing. Sometimes just hearing a couple of chords or verses from an old favourite can transport us right back to a  place and time; so many memories are held in the playlists of our lives. The therapeutic values of listening or performing music are well documented. Did you know music can lower stress, reduce depression and help you sleep better? It is also known to relax patients in hospital before and after surgery and help reduce pain.

At the Hospice music is always available for patients and visitors in both the In-patient and Daycare areas. Soothing music is played during therapeutic massage and patients can enjoy their own playlists whilst enjoying a relaxing bath. For many people admitted to the Hospice they will not have been able to enjoy the simple pleasure of soaking in the bath due to mobility issues.

Of course we also have many musical friends who visit regularly to entertain patients and they are always made very welcome. It’s fair to say we have many talented nurses who can hold a tune and turn a dance move!

No matter whether you’re young or old, healthy or sick, happy or dad, music can improve quality of life in numerous ways. Take some time out to enjoy your favourites.