Meet Rosie, one of our amazing Auxiliary Nurses. In April, she will have been supporting patients and their families in Strathcarron Hospice for 30 years!

Today (8th March) is International Women's Day and Rosie is one of a series of interviews of a few of Strathcarron's inspirational women. We’ve so many to choose from! :)

What are the 3 main things you do at Strathcarron? 

I meet and welcome the patients and their families when they come into the Hospice, helping them to get settled. It can be such a frightening time for them, and their nearest and dearest as they hand the care of their loved ones over to us.  

As part of a wider team, we create a personal care plan for each patient, to ensure they receive the best possible care and support. Setting goals enables people to live well despite their condition and related symptoms. Their care plan always starts with the question, ‘what matters to you?’. 

The things that matter to people go far beyond the physical impact of their condition. Our AHP rebab team are integral to this care - to maximise function, independence and choice. We believe rehabilitation is a key part of expert multidisciplinary palliative care whatever the diagnosis or prognosis. Communication is key to the work we do. Goal setting also helps team working, as it underscores how each person, profession or discipline involved in someone’s care is working towards the same purpose.  

Who's the most interesting person you've ever met? 

I met a dear friend in Strathcarron, over 18 years ago. He was a Day Care patient and we just clicked. He is still the funniest and most interesting person I have ever met, the girls call him, “my wee pal”.  

What would be your super power? 

In an ideal world I would love to have a superpower to enable people to live pain free. But I think my own personal superpower is being able to get onto people’s ‘wavelength’ by not being judgemental and treating everyone the same – seeing people as people.  

In my job, you need to be vigilant. I sometimes think I have a second sense as I get in tune with people, love a good blether…and really listen. 

What has been your best ever Strathcarron day or memory? 

I'll never forget any of my patients, but one lady in particular really stands out in my mind. I was working nightshift when she was admitted to our in-patient ward. I went into her room just as her husband left for the evening, she was such a little lady and she just sat in this big chair, looking terrified.  

She wanted to sleep in that chair. However, over the hours and minutes I sat with her, she eventually let me help put her nightie on and get safely into the more comfortable bed. I was on shift for the next 3 nights and she told me that she didn’t have ‘her face on’. Her son said to me, “she is beginning to trust you”, as he brought in all her make up and jewellery. 

As we completed her discharge papers for her to go home, her husband said to me. “you’ve given me my wife back, thank you”. I will never forget that. 

She then went on to spend 9 months with us in Day Care and was with her son on his wedding day. She did come back to the hospice sometime later and died peacefully. She will forever stay in my memories. 


If Rosie has inspired you to become an auxiliary nurse, then we are recruiting!

We are also looking for a Staff Nurse (temporary) in our In-Patient Unit. More information can also be found under Jobs on our website.