Seven years ago a very special project began, documenting the personal journeys of six patients and a handful of staff from Strathcarron. Throughout the film the six Hospice patients allow us into tender, vulnerable and funny moments of their lives, as singing unlocks the patients' pasts, guiding their dreams and their futures. Encouraged by one nurse - our very own Daycare Sister, Mandy Malcolmson - who loves to sing, and a collaborative filming process, they wrestle with the new insecurity facing us all: recent advances in biomedicine mean we can now live for years rather than months after a terminal diagnosis. Sometimes. But not every time. How do we cope with this uncertainty?

Patients at Strathcarron Hospice are quirky, wry front-runners in a journey that we will all face. Each patient deals with enormous change during the three years of filming - as they go through the little and big dramas of trying to make a will, medicating pain, finding a guardian for a child and moving house, we see the growing relationship between staff and patient, patient and patient.

In 2015 the acclaimed film Seven Songs for a Long Life was premiered both in the UK and internationally, and last Autumn saw Mandy and some of the film's cast attend the star studded British Academy Scotland Awards. Some truly magical moments were shared by the staff and patients who attended, and although the film didn't win it's category, the nomination itself was a real honour. This week we were delighted to receive a framed certificate commemorating the nomination, and two of the film's stars, Mandy and Ian, happily reminisced together about their Seven Songs experience as they admired it. The film shows many magical moments, and many more have been shared between staff and patients at the Hospice since, and we are delighted Mandy and Ian could share this one today. Today we also celebrate and remember those who helped create this wonderful film but are no longer here.

If you havent seen the film you can pick up a copy at the Hospice or order from It's a funny, moving story of life and music that make you both laugh and cry, and definitely something everyone should watch at least once.