Strathcarron Hospice’s has been encouraging local people to share their ‘stories of connection’ on what Strathcarron Hospice means to them across social channels using hashtag, #OurStrathcarron.  

You may appreciate this lovely story of a friendship made through volunteer befriending."I came across the Strathcarron Hospice Befriending volunteering, which I thought was a good first step into volunteering. I was a bit apprehensive at first as I mistakenly thought my impact on the community would be less if I was helping just one person, as opposed to many. How wrong I was!I was matched with a local man from the community. A bereaved man who’d lost his wife a year before and who was still in deep mourning. During our first meeting, he could not stop crying, he looked very sad and didn’t even think to offer me anything; he just poured his heart out.I found we had some things in common, so managed to drive the conversation and spent a good hour together. When asked about future meetings, he said he was bit unsure as he didn’t know how that could help him, he didn’t want to go anywhere.So, I just sent him a message a week later just to check on him, I knew he needed time.The next time we met, he offered me a coffee (I thought this was a big step, as he was now more aware of me). After an hour talking, he said, “right, should I get my boots on and we go a walk?”.After that day, we’ve been meeting once a week, for coffee, for brunch, for walks.It’s so rewarding to see how much impact we can have on a person. I don’t know if I have anything to do with it, but seeing how my befriended match who could hardly leave the house, but now seems now a bit happier. It makes my heart full".Why not make 2022 the year you volunteer for Strathcarron? You can get in touch via email to find out more: [email protected].