As we fast approach Spring 2022 it's hard to contemplate and reflect on the many changes and sacrifices made over the past two years by everyone in some way or another. Some of the changes will have a positive impact for the future, such as the support and resilience demonstrated by many within their own communities.

Within the Hospice we have seen many restrictions imposed for everyone's safety which, at times, have been difficult and uncomfortable, such as lowering the number of visitors patients can receive. However, we have adapted in many positive ways, particularly in our care and support for people in their own homes.

There has been a huge impact of fundraising activity whilst, at the same time, the running costs of the services are increasing. We are eternally grateful to each and every person who has contributed and it means the world to all those who need the specialist care we can provide. As more people with limiting illness would prefer to be in their own home we need to respond and make this a reality.

Today, we ask you to remember our services remain, as they always have to give people the compassion and dignity they deserve and this comes at a cost to the charity of £14,315 every day.

We have a range of fundraising events to suit every taste, from tea parties, collections to firewalking. Please visit All fundraising events | Strathcarron Hospice  to find out more or you can call our friendly team on 01324 826222 with any of your own fundraising ideas.

All that we do for local families is because of you. Thank you for your continuing support.