The Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care Annual Conference is one of the premier events in Scotland for anyone involved in the care and support of people reaching the end of life, and this year will take place at the Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh on 20th September. All hospices attending the conference have an opportunity to showcase patient artwork at the conference exhibition, demonstrating the therapeutic benefits of creative arts as part of the overall hospice care package.

Creative arts are an integral part of the Strathcarron Hospice Daycare experience, and if patients choose to take advantage of this facility they may be led and guided in a wide variety of projects by our Creative Arts Facilitators and volunteers. The work is very patient centred, tailored to the individual’s needs, abilities and choices and often providing a completely new experience for the patient. Each piece of work is unique, as they invest themselves in their creation – thoughts, memories and feelings are all encapsulated in the finished piece. Sometimes the very act of creating the piece is the driving force, as the process provides a focus and distraction from life’s challenges, or it may be a gift for themselves, for loved ones or, quite simply, a legacy.

The artwork provides a gratifying sense of achievement and self-worth, and is a wonderful opportunity for the individual to express their creativity and personality. Sarah, who attends Daycare on a weekly basis, told us  "The chat and bonhomie which takes place in our sessions are valuable, lively and inclusive. The highlight of my week is the day in Strathcarron Daycare, and the craft department is one of the highlights of the day - it's a little island of escape and delight".

Creative arts may be just one small part of the Hospice Daycare experience, but it is undeniably an essential one, and we will be very proud of the various different artworks which will form Strathcarron’s contribution to the Conference exhibition.