Under normal circumstances the Strathcarron Hospice Daycare unit is a hive of activity with around twenty different people visiting every day of the week. Volunteer drivers would collect patients from their homes and bring them in for a day of relaxation, social activities and the Daycare nurses would offer expert advice on a range of conditions, supporting patients to live as well as they can whilst managing symptoms of their illness. It really was the life and soul of the Hospice with much laughter and cheer. That, of course, was before COVID 19 came along.

The Daycare Unit closed as it was impossible to have people coming in the building, particularly as many patients have compromised immune systems. All the Daycare staff and volunteers were so sad not to be seeing their regular visitors and the people they care so much about. Determined to continue their support, it has been necessary to adapt very quickly to the changing circumstances. There are currently 90 people still 'attending' Daycare in new and virtual ways. The Art Therapists have been busy making videos to engage people with their crafts. The Complimentary Therapy Team have been doing relaxation classes online and the Nursing Team have been continually supporting people by telephone. All nurses at Strathcarron pride themselves as being very hands on with patients so it really is challenging for them not to be able to offer hugs of reassurance when needed but they are rising above this to keep everyone connected as best they can. There's even been some driving by patients' homes just so they can give them a wave and a friendly smile.

Along with everybody else at the moment we hope to be able to return to some normality eventually when we come out the other side of this pandemic so we can welcome everyone back in when it is safe to do so. That day can't really can't come quickly enough but, in the meantime, we will keep finding new ways to help and support those who need us.