As you read this today we are approaching the tenth week of Lockdown.

Three months ago the term Lockdown wasn’t used very often in our conversations with each other and already it has become the topic most talked about amongst us; family, friends, colleagues and neighbours.

We are conscious every one of us has probably struggled, one way or another, during the past weeks. This is especially true for bereaved people who have perhaps not had the opportunity to see loved ones and follow our usual rituals after the death of someone who was so special in their lives.

As a direct result of this pandemic, we have introduced a brand new service for anyone who would like to speak to a fully trained volunteer to talk about any concerns you might have, or maybe just because you are feeling sad, lonely or isolated. You do not have to have any relationship with the Hospice to use this service. It really is there for everyone in the local communities. 

CALL (Community Advice and Listening Line) is open every day between the hours of 9am and 7pm and can be reached on 01324 827383. Please make use of this free to all service.

Strathcarron Hospice is Standing With You. For more information you can visit