Many people in their final days of life prefer to be at home with those who are important to them, if at all possible. More so at this time of year. Helen was admitted to hospital for treatment in October, however, after a few days, a decision was made by the consultant to refer to the Strathcarron Hospice@Home team for end of life care at home.⠀Denise Robertson, Lead Nurse for Strathcarron Hospice@Home service co-ordinated Helen's urgent discharge home from hospital to enable Helen to reach her 103rd birthday, which she did, surrounded by her family and care team. ⠀Robin said, “That my mum has gone from strength to strength, is I believe, down to the professional nursing care and the support she receives from the Strathcarron Hospice@Home care team. ⠀My mum lives at home with me, there is only the two of us, so there is stress that comes with responsibility. It’s physical as well as emotional and there are ups and downs. I live never knowing when the final ‘down’ will happen. ⠀However, Strathcarron Hospice@Home care team are always calm, supportive and so upbeat and friendly. They help both of us in so many ways. Just knowing my mother is happy, safe and comfortable at home means the world to me.⠀The other day, my mother was telling Gillian, one of the Strathcarron team about our beloved Jack Russell called Basil, who unfortunately is no longer with us. On the next visit, she brought her little Jack Russell as a surprise. My mother’s face lit up. They keep her going; so personable, kind and caring.⠀Our next milestone is the 31st December, when she will hopefully become a great Grandmother for the first time!”⠀You can help support Strathcarron Hospice at Christmas now by simply donating via text message. To donate text Stars £5 (or £10) to 70085.⠀

NB: The picture taken is of Robin and his mother, Helen with Sharron (Strathcarron Hospice@Home Health Care Assistant).