The beautiful bench outside Strathcarron Hospice, is well known to all at Strathcarron. The girl and her dog provide comfort and a smile to all who sit beside this lovely pair.   

Animals are so important in the lives of many patients and their families, and the Hospice has welcomed dogs and even horses over the past forty years!  

The sculptured bench has been here as long as anyone in the Hospice can remember, but unfortunately the story behind the pair was unknown. So, the staff at Strathcarron decided to put the question out to the local communities via their social channels, to see if they could help. 

The response was overwhelmingly positive! Hundreds of people liked, commented and shared their many wonderful stories of how much the sculpture means to some, as well as offering their ideas of when it was created. 

The comments included:  

“I was drawn to it immediately when my mum was in Strathcarron. I think it tells its own story”  

“The love from that dog to the young lady is similar to the love everyone receives at the Hospice”. 

The team at Strathcarron can now confirm that the sculpture was gifted to the Hospice and that David Annand, the incredibly talented Scottish sculptor created his ‘Girl and her Dog’. It was unveiled by HRH Princess Anne in 1996.    

David Annand said, “The caring (profession) and the benefits of pets being allowed to visit Strathcarron was the inspiration behind the sculpture. It was based on my daughter and a friend's black Labrador.  

He also quipped, “I got a row from the nurses for having my hands in my pockets when photos were being taken with HRH”!