This week sees the end of another academic year and we congratulate all the University and College students who have completed their courses, ready to enter the world of work.

Here at Strathcarron Hospice we host and support many student nurses over the academic year. They come to us as a placement during their course to gain hands on experience and we absolutely love having them with us and playing an active part in their education. It may be, for some, they have an active interest in pursuing a career in the field of palliative care. Kerry Ann, who has been with us on a 14 week placement returned to nursing as a mature student after her dad died and she found her calling to palliative care nursing and we are delighted she is about to graduate after 4 years of academic and practical learning. Although it brought back difficult memories for her she says she has loved spending valuable time with families and really getting to know her patients and being able to make a difference.    

Initially some students are apprehensive about working in a hospice as many may not have experienced death and dying at that stage in their lives. What is the biggest surprise to them (and most other visitors to the Hospice) is the welcoming and, for the most time, happy atmosphere surrounding them. Witnessing the very special kindness between people and, of course, seeing patients and their families really making every moment count in the time they have left together.

This week we also have student nurse Stacey working in our Daycare unit. Stacey, in the 2nd year of her 3 year Adult Nursing Degree and was encouraged by her Mentor to take up a placement with Strathcarron Hospice . She had never been inside a hospice before and naturally felt quite nervous about the experience. However, very quickly she relaxed and was happily chatting with patients and observing the highest level of professional nursing care to further her learning.   

We wish all the Student Nurses who have spent time on a placement with us the very best of luck in their future careers and congratulations on successfully completing their studies.