Sunny days are here at last and we hope you are enjoying the outdoors as much as possible.

Good weather has a huge impact for patients in Strathcarron Hospice as all rooms have access to the beautiful outdoor spaces and beds can moved outside when requested. Fresh air and sunlight are very therapeutic for everyone.

This year's holiday plans means many people will be taking a 'staycation'. If you are staying home, or close by, why not use your time off to do something incredibly valuable? The Hospice is now in its second year of 'lockdown' activities and, as such, all the usual fundraising events have been put on hold for the time being. However, during our 40th anniversary year, we still rely on public support as much as ever. In actual fact, we rely on public fundraising to the tune of over £14,000 every day to enable us to continue caring or people living with, and dying from, a terminal illness. 

Perhaps you can take up your own challenge and fundraise by setting up an online page at Fundraise for 'Summer Festival of Fundraising' | Strathcarron Hospice or you could take part in one of many virtual challenges which are detailed on our website. If this weather continues you could even organise a BBQ or Garden Party and ask the people you invite to make a small donation for attending. Please join in with our Summer Festival of Fundraising to do what you can to help us do what we can for the people of Falkirk and beyond.

We're always incredibly touched by your support and the creative ways in which you do that.