In 2019, Syngenta (based at Earls Road Grangemouth) celebrated 100 years of chemical manufacturing. Rather than celebrate with an employee event, to mark the occasion, Syngenta asked their nominated partner charities to submit a proposal as to how they would ‘create a legacy’ with a one-off donation. The hope was that the donation would be used to create a long – lasting benefit for the local community for the future.

Strathcarron Hospice were successful with their proposal to redevelop two bedrooms. Each year, the hospice provides care and support to over 1,400 people with a life-limiting illness or conditions, at a time when both they and their family need it most. The philosophy of the hospice is about living until you die and ensuring people have every opportunity to achieve their goals right up until the last moment.

The donation has allowed for 2 of the 11 individual bedrooms at Strathcarron to be refurbished. The refurbishment has created concealed nursing stations, piped oxygen units and hoists to be installed which allows easy but discreet access. The thoughtful design has built in shelves for patients personalized ornaments, photographs or flowers and has a concealed fridge, storage, and safes. The patient suite is complemented with high quality furniture funded by Grangemouth Rotary Club for families or visitors. Patio doors allow patient’s beds to go outside directly from their suite.


Susan Bateman, Ward Sister at Strathcarron Hospice said,

“These rooms have been beautifully transformed thanks to the grant from Syngenta, including the installation of specialist equipment for the benefit of both patients and nursing staff. These cleverly concealed patient hoists ensure that any of our immobile patients can be moved and re-positioned with minimal discomfort for them and with complete ease for staff."

Whilst the initial contribution from Syngenta has been the ‘springboard’ to allow the work to be completed, the hospice now hopes to replicate the refurbishment in the remaining 9 bedrooms and is launching a fundraising campaign called #HoistHeroes where supporters will be asked to ‘Go Strong for Strathcarron’ to help raise £6,000 for the specialist hoist to be installed in the next room refurbishment. Motivated supporters will be asked to take on the challenge of 6,000 press ups between 1 July – 1 September, raising any sponsorship they can towards the £6,000 target to install the specialist equipment. For more information, visit our Event page.