The joy of shopping at a charity shop is that you just don’t know what kind of treasures you may find, or stories you may hear. Plus of course, if you choose any one of the many Strathcarron Hospice charity shops in our local area, they benefit from every penny spent.
Kate, Strathcarron charity shop manager, Stirling said, “I just love my job. Today, two women came into the shop looking for a letter opener. We didn't have one, but we got chatting about 'what an unusual gift this would be'.
I then remembered I had one (it was my Dad’s; I use it for splicing paper). It’s an old relic of a thing, but wonderfully I gave her that. I didn't really want anything for it, then she said “it's my Dad's 100th birthday today and this is to open his letter from the King”....well.... those are words I never thought I'd hear today!The lovely lady then gave a kind donation to Strathcarron. It just made me smile. In the midst of all this doom and gloom, there's all kinds of wonderfulness”.We couldn’t agree more Kate.
Your charity donations are appreciated: By the people who choose to buy and love your unwanted items, and by all at Strathcarron.