Volunteers’ Week is celebrated between the 1st and 7th June every year. Usually, events would be taking place all around the country by charities who want to honour the support given by volunteers. Unfortunately, this year, all these are cancelled, including the very popular Strathcarron Hospice Volunteer Party. So this year, sadly, we can only show our appreciation from afar.

Over 800 people volunteer their time for Strathcarron Hospice, either in the building itself, out in the community or in the shops. We quite simply would not be able to all that we do without them. Their contribution is invaluable in helping us to provide specialist palliative care for those who need this.

Due to lockdown restrictions we haven’t seen the volunteers for 10 weeks now and we miss them terribly. When people dedicate their time, when they are under no obligation to do so, it brings a special kind of magic to the workplace. It’s never a chore for them to be there and this has such a positive impact of any paid workforce within the charity sector. Many of the Strathcarron volunteers have been part of the team for many, many years and, in fact, a fair number are retired colleagues. The very first Matron of the Hospice, when it opened its doors in 1981, continues with us as a volunteer in our Daycare unit (currently closed due to restrictions).

Volunteers everywhere, we applaud you for contributing to a better society. And to those of you who are Hospice volunteers; we can’t wait to welcome all of you back to us when it is safe to do so.