We could not provide our Hospice services without your valuable support - we receive nearly 40% of our funding from the NHS, but need to raise the rest ourselves. With your help, we have delivered a wide range of services to patients and their families. Read on to learn more about how we put your support to immediate good use in caring for people within your community living with a terminal illness.

In the past year you have helped us to manage 1021 referrals from other healthcare providers to Strathcarron Hospice, and this is how we do that, along with the actual costs involved:


We have a total of 12 nurses working across the area, supporting people in their own homes and they are funded by the Hospice. Strathcarron Nurses made 3636 home-visits to the 932 patients referred to this service. The average cost per patient case is £623.00


This service provides holistic and clinical care for day-patients. Our day-care unit is open Monday to Friday with 20 different patients visiting each day. Over the past year we have seen 174 new patients and received 3,908 visits from them. The cost per visit per patient is £169.00


Our in-patient unit is open 365 days a year and at any one time we can have up to 24 patients. Over the last year we have managed 360 admissions, with the average length of stay being 21 days. It may surprise you to know 40% of patients are discharged home again, having received the appropriate care and symptom management. It costs the charity £465.00 per day for each individual patient.


This is a relatively new service, introduced in late 2014, to cater for the growing number of people choosing to die in their own home, surrounded by everyone and everything they love. Our Hospice@Home team of nurses have made this wish a reality for 300 people over the last year. This service is highly-acclaimed and won Best Health Project in the National Lottery Awards. Providing end of life care in the last two weeks of life costs the charity, on average, £584.00 per patient.


This is a volunteer-led service offering practical and emotional one to one support for people in their own home. Many people become isolated during periods of prolonged illness and this service can address that, whilst providing respite for a main carer. Our Befriending Volunteers are supervised and trained by a specialist nurse and have provided much-needed support to 69 people receiving 1053 visits. The cost of running this is £61,000.


Our fully qualified social workers provide vital bereavement support to both adults and children. Adult bereavement support takes the shape of one to one counselling and group work, whilst our children’s bereavement service is called Seasons for Growth and is group-based. These services are coming under increasing demand with a 52% increase in referrals made. Last year there were 367 referrals made which led to 1039 consultations taking place. The cost per consultation for the charity is £72.00.


Strathcarron Chaplains provide emotional, psychological and spiritual support for patients, families and staff working at the Hospice. This involves preparing funerals with patients and conducting them when requested, as well as other celebrations such as weddings and christenings. The Chaplains are always available, whether to provide bereavement support for someone whose loved one has passed away or to guide staff and volunteers in moments of reflection.


Our specialist team provide treatments for people suffering from this chronic condition (whether as illness in its own rightor as a result of certain cancers). Strathcarron Hospice leads the Scottish Lymphoedema Practitioners Network and supports key workers across our area. We actively provide carers support and facilitate patient support. Over the past year our specialist nurses have carried out 1,341 treatments at a cost to the charity of £89,847.


We have a team of four practice development staff providing specialty and statuary training. We are committed to the provision of outreach education to improve general palliative care and provide education to NHS acute and community hospital staff as well as care home staff. Strathcarron Hospice is a leader in the field of specialist palliative care and, as such, we run an annual conference to share best practice with colleagues from around the world.

The final word goes to a recent patient, who shared these thoughts during his stay with us:

"Six months ago I had never even heard of Strathcarron, and the mention of a hospice early on in my illness was a frightening prospect for me and my family. In the last six weeks Strathcarron has made this difficult time easier than I thought possible. The staff, from the doctors and nurses to all the wonderful volunteers who help out daily, are incredible, providing exceptional care and compassion.”