This week we are absolutely delighted to share the wonderful news that the Hospice fundraising appeal for £50,000 is complete.

We have been astounded by the generosity of the local communities in coming together to fund vital roof repairs at your local hospice. Over 600 donations were received, in a matter of weeks, in direct response to the Raise the Roof Appeal. Individuals, community groups and local businesses all contributed, roof tile by roof tile, to make sure the repairs could go ahead before the onset of winter.

Strathcarron Hospice exists for the local people, because of the local people. We pride ourselves on being here when we are needed and clearly that support has been reciprocated during our time of need. At a time when there seems so much negativity it serves a great reminder of the true spirit of human kindness.

Everyone at the Hospice extends their sincerest appreciation for keeping a sound roof over our heads and, more importantly, that of the patients and families who rely on our specialist care and support when they need it most.