We are currently able to support controlled and time-limited visiting in the Hospice. Your continued support in protecting our patients, staff, visitors and the wider community is vitally important. 


For regular visiting, each patient will be asked to designate a maximum of two people who they wish to visit them on a regular basis. The two designated people must be from the same household.


The two designated visitors can visit the patient in their room. We can facilitate three visits each week on specific days. All visits need to be prearranged. Visiting time is between 3pm and 4pm only.


When someone is in the last days/hours of life, up to four designated visitors can visit a patient. However only two visitors can be in the room at the same time.  We ask that these visits are staggered as at present there are no communal areas in the building where visitors can sit and wait.


Children are allowed to visit under the above categories but will always be counted as part of the two people visiting.


We have paused evening visiting and all outside garden visiting at the present time.



Visiting Times

A one hour visiting slot is available per patient in the afternoon three days a week between 3pm and 4pm.   Information about the specific days available for you to visit will be provided when you call to book your visit.

Pre booking visits

During the pandemic it is essential that all visits are pre-booked. This is to ensure we minimise the total number of people visiting the hospice at any one time, to protect both patients and staff. Visits can be pre-booked by calling reception on 01324 826222.   When you phone, we will complete a visit booking form with the details of each visitor. We will also ask you screening questions related to Covid-19 at each visit to ensure that it is safe for you to spend time in the Hospice.

Cancellation of Visits

Visits may be cancelled at short notice for a number of reasons e.g. if a patient becomes symptomatic of Covid-19; needs to go hospital for tests/treatments; should there be a change in the Covid-19 guidance. We will keep you informed in the event that any change to visiting arrangements is required.

Meetings with Hospice staff

Nursing staff will be available to speak to visitors when you visit, but if you wish to speak with any other member of the team, please discuss this with the nurses when you visit or by telephoning the Hospice directly.



We ask all designated visitors to follow the procedures below when they visit.

On entering the Hospice you will be asked to sanitise your hands with alcohol hand gel at the reception desk.

You will be asked to sign that you have read this visiting protocol and complete the accompanying health pro-forma.

You will be asked to wear a face covering for the duration of your visit. The Hospice has a supply of face coverings if you don’t bring one with you.

A member of staff will escort you to the designated room. When you visit you must only go to the room where your loved one is being cared for.

When it is necessary to wear any Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) this will be provided. Staff will be on hand to show you how to put it on and take it off safely. For example PPE should be removed in a specific order: gloves, apron and finally mask. You should dispose of the PPE in the bin provided and perform hand hygiene immediately on removal.

We ask that you maintain a 2 metre distance between you, your loved one and members of staff. Please speak to staff where this causes particular difficulty.

We would discourage you from bringing gifts or goods into the hospice. However where this is essential, please let the staff know, so that we can make sure that the required decontamination is carried out. We need to take all possible steps to minimise any opportunity for the virus to be carried into the Hospice and being passed unknowingly to your loved one.

There is no access to communal toilet facilities. Please inform a member of staff if this would cause a particular difficulty during your visit.

As you leave the room and the building, please use the alcohol-based gel at the outside door to rub your hands as an added protection.