From volunteer to creator of the Snowdrop café, Jaynes’s new role as Bereavement Community Connector is part of a pilot project focusing on meeting people living with grief within the Falkirk area.

She aims to introduce them to new connections and activities within their own community Jayne says, “I work in an individual and holistic way, always starting with a conversation. This approach is even more relevant when speaking to people living with grief. An initial conversation would ideally start with chatting about interests and things they’ve enjoyed doing with their loved one. We’d then discuss ways they could connect with their community such as joining a class/group or perhaps starting a volunteering role. I’ll walk alongside them as they move through their stages of grief. Bit-by-bit people start to gain

more self-confidence by connecting with new friends and enjoying what their local community has to offer. Seeing people living their lives, not needing any more of my input, is my goal”.

If you are a health professional who knows someone that could benefit from a Community Connector, you can refer your patient via [email protected]

If you are bereaved and ready to be more active in their community (join groups, make friends, get to know neighbours) and don't know how where to start with doing this, you can also get in touch with our Community Connector [email protected]

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