Whatever you enjoy doing, you can do it whilst raising money for Strathcarron Hospice. All you need to do is choose an activity, make plans and promote your fundraiser.

Of course, if you need advice or additional support the Hospice Fundraising Team are here to help you all the way and can be contacted on 01324 826222 or by email.

To inspire you, here’s a few ideas to ponder over:

  • Shape Up for Strathcarron Hospice
  • Sing Out for Strathcarron Hospice
  • Dine at Mine for Strathcarron Hospice
  • Cake Sale for Strathcarron Hospice
  • Skill Swap for Strathcarron Hospice

We have all the tools to support you with this and have a range of FREE downloadable materials to get you started.

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