Set up a regular donation

Making a regular donation to Strathcarron Hospice is a special way you can help us fund and continue to deliver our services now and in the future.

Your gift each month can help us plan services, develop projects and deliver our specialist end of life care to people when, and where, they need us most.

Your regular donation - be it £10, £20, £50 - whatever you can afford, really means the world to us. We will treat your donation with respect and assure that every penny is spent to the benefit of our patients.

A gift of £10 can give a patient a hand or foot massage, relieving stress and anxiety as well as physical discomfort.

A gift of £20 can give an hour's nursing care in our In-Patient Unit.

A gift of £50 can give a child an hour of specialist bereavement support.

Furthermore, if you are able to gift aid your donation we can claim a further 20% from HMRC on top of your donation - making your gift go even further.

Thank you

Set up a regular donation