Referrals for all Hospice services can be made via SCI gateway or a referral form  can be submitted by email to If the referral is urgent or you are unsure about whether to refer or not, please call us on 01324 826222 and discuss the details with a consultant / Admissions Team.

To refer to our Hospice@Home service, telephone referral is preferred – call 07881 511517

Referral Management process

In hours – Routine referrals are reviewed on a daily basis Monday to Friday and dealt with according to urgency.

Out of Hours – These referrals are normally dealt with immediately by the Dr and Consultant on call.

Response times

Community Referrals

  • The patient and family will be contacted within 2 working days of a referral to arrange a first visit. We can carry out an assessment more urgently if the need arises.
  • Referrers will be notified of the outcome of the first community visit within 2 working days of the assessment.

In patient Referrals

  • Patients who require admission to Strathcarron Hospice will be offered a bed at the earliest opportunity.
  • We provide GPs with updates on people who are in-patients every three weeks or more often if required.