Are you, like many people across the nation, feeling bereft over the past few days, maybe unable to explain the root of your sadness in words? 

It's 'normal' to feel grief or overwhelming emotions after the sudden loss of Her Majesty. She’s been there with us every Christmas and through the Pandemic. The death of the Queen may even be triggering emotions of a previous loss. You may also be dealing with personal grief after the recent death of your own loved one.  

It’s ok not to feel ok.  

Grief is complex and has emotional, physical, behavioural, spiritual and philosophical dimensions. It is a normal human journey and represents our adaptation towards living life without our loved person. It can be an incredibly difficult, lonely and disorientating experience. 

Strathcarron’s Bereavement and Support team offer simple steps that you can take to improve your mental health while you go through the grieving process. 

  1. Connect with family and friends - find people who you feel you can express how you are feeling about your loss.  
  2. Get things in the diary - You might find yourself lacking motivation, but it can be useful to have some simple plans, such as a coffee or walk with friends, a coffee. 
  3. Engage with hobbies or try something new to get you out and about - anything from gardening to joining a choir. 

There is no correct feeling to have or way to grieve. Do what is right for you.