Grieving is a natural response when someone who is close to you has died and it can be a distressing and traumatic time; it can feel as though the world has changed forever and become an unfamiliar and lonely place. People tell us that they find themselves behaving in unrecognisable ways and some even think they might be going mad, when in fact, what is really happening to them is that they are grieving in natural ways.

Grieving is painful and difficult and at times, a seemingly impossible struggle and it can be helpful to know more about what to expect. There is information in our booklet ‘Bereavement Support’ that will help you recognise what are normal experiences and what you can do for yourselves that might make it easier for you to manage your feelings and be able to continue to live your life while you are grieving. Grieving continues for longer than you might imagine and this is natural too, but it can make it hard when it seems as though friends and family do not appear to understand and perhaps have moved on with their own lives when you cannot.

Below is some information to help you begin to manage your feelings to enable you to begin to find a way towards a ‘new normal’; a more comfortable way to live your life more fully while involving the happier memories of the person who was special to you.

Excellent supportive information leaflets and guidance may be found on the following websites:

Adult Bereavement Service

We offer support to adults whose loved ones received care provided by the Hospice, [email protected] nursing team, Day Care or with our Community Clinical Nurse Specialists. 

We offer this via telephone support initially so that we may assess how best to support you further: one to one support and Group support are available.

Additional support and information may be found by following links to these websites:

Children Bereavement Service

Strathcarron runs support groups for children aged 6 – 18 when they have been affected by loss, grief and change because someone who is special to them has died. It is based upon the belief that loss, grief and change are a natural part of life and it aims to educate and support the children by offering a means of understanding through looking at the seasons of the year. The changing seasons can be used to illustrate and explain how they might be feeling and how they might learn to manage these feelings.

This is an award-winning programme licensed by the Notre Dame Centre in Glasgow and our facilitators are trained by them to use specific, newly designed material. Funding from BBC Children in Need supports our programme.

For more information please look at the Seasons for Growth website and leaflet below:


There are four levels for groups of 5 to 8 children:

Level 1:    6-8 yr olds

Level 2:    9-10 yr olds

Level 3:    11-12 yr olds

Level 4     13-18 yr olds

At Strathcarron we split Level 4 into two smaller age groups to enable more in depth work with the young people as our groups are run specifically for bereaved children. We find that the children benefit enormously from participating in a group because there is an opportunity to mix with children who have had similar experiences and to hear from each other that they are not alone in how they are feeling.

We run a Seasons for Growth Parent Programme which aims to assist parents to understand the experience of death from a child's perspective, and to learn about the most effective ways to support their child/ren.

You can refer your own child or children for groups or they may be referred via their GP or Social Worker and some children are referred through their schools.  The Seasons Group referral form can be downloaded in either PDF or Word Document format below.



Referrals can be posted or emailed to: 

Bereavement Support 
Strathcarron Hospice 
Randolph Hill 

Telephone Number:  01324 826222    
Email:  [email protected]

Please have a look at the links to sites that offer additional support for children and young people: