During the COVID-19 pandemic we are facing a tragic loss of life, often sudden and under very difficult circumstances. 

If you have been directly affected, we know that your options to say goodbye to those you love have been very limited.  Attending memorial events have also been severely restricted in very painful ways.

For everyone who is bereaved, isolation and loneliness can make loss and grief harder to manage.

Our team are working to help you find the support you need.  

Have you been using Strathcarron Hospice services and are now looking for bereavement support?

Please ring the Patient and Family Support Team on 01324 826222.  We can  offer you telephone, online or email support even though face to face meetings are not possible during the current COVID-19 restrictions. 

Are you currently receiving or on the waiting list for bereavement support from the hospice?

We will be in touch with you by phone soon.

Are you bereaved and self-isolating?

If you have been bereaved and are isolating from people who might normally support you such as family, friends or work colleagues, follow this link to access information that might help with managing isolation and grief:


Our Patient and Family Support Team can also offer emotional support so please ring them on 01324 826222. 

Do you want to help someone who is bereaved?

If you are supporting someone who has been bereaved, follow this link to find out what can help and what is generally unhelpful:


If you are looking for support for a child, this network can signpost you to national and local organisations that offer support


For anyone in our communities who is bereaved, here are some links and resources that you may find helpful:

Cruse Bereavement Care:  http://www.cruse.org.uk :  Cruse provides clear, easy to understand information about loss and grief.  It has up to date information about how to manage common emotional reactions during a crisis and coping with bereavement through the Coronavirus.

Cruse Scotland: http://www.crusescotland.org.uk/   As well as the website the Helpline number is: 0845 600 2227.  It is open Monday to Thursday 10-8pm and Friday 10-4pm

Marie Curie Bereavement Support Line:  for information about the Marie Curie Bereavement Support Line:


To access their free national listening support service for people who have been bereaved due to terminal illness call 0800 090 2309

Atalosshttps://www.ataloss.org/  Bereavement directory to help you find the right support

The Good Grief Trust:

This organisation is run by bereaved people for bereaved people offering information and support:


There are organisations that you can speak to online:

GriefChat :provides online chat and webcam counselling:


Sue Ryder Online Community: hosts forums that make it easier for you to connect with the right support for you.  You might be looking for information or wanting to connect with others who have similar experiences to your own.


Please note that the below information may be out of date due to the current COVID-19 crisis.

Grieving is a natural response when someone who is close to you has died and it can be a distressing and traumatic time; it can feel as though the world has changed forever and become an unfamiliar and lonely place. People tell us that they find themselves behaving in unrecognisable ways and some even think they might be going mad, when in fact, what is really happening to them is that they are grieving in natural ways.

Grieving is painful and difficult and at times, a seemingly impossible struggle and it can be helpful to know more about what to expect. There is information in our booklet ‘Bereavement Support’ that will help you recognise what are normal experiences and what you can do for yourselves that might make it easier for you to manage your feelings and be able to continue to live your life while you are grieving. Grieving continues for longer than you might imagine and this is natural too, but it can make it hard when it seems as though friends and family do not appear to understand and perhaps have moved on with their own lives when you cannot.

Below is some information to help you begin to manage your feelings to enable you to begin to find a way towards a ‘new normal’; a more comfortable way to live your life more fully while involving the happier memories of the person who was special to you.

Excellent supportive information leaflets and guidance may be found on the following websites:




Adult Bereavement Service

We offer support to adults whose loved ones received care provided by the Hospice, [email protected] nursing team, Day Care or with our Community Clinical Nurse Specialists. 

We offer this via telephone support initially so that we may assess how best to support you further: one to one support and Group support are available.

Additional support and information may be found by following links to these websites: