Every single member of staff at Strathcarron Hospice wishes readers a happy, peaceful and safe beginning to 2021. 

As we head in to a new beginning in the year 2021 we ask you cast your mind back to the events of 1981.

Strathcarron Hospice opened its doors to patients on 19th April 1981. It cost £218 a day to provide the palliative we are known for. In terms of inflation that means over £700 in today’s terms. However, we now rely on voluntary income of £12,900 a day to provide our services so that gives you an indication of just how much more we do today than we did back in the day, with 7 beds available to patients. Fast forward to 2020 and we now look after over 1,400 people a year.

If you are able to cast your mind back to 1981, you might remember the first post-it note you ever saw or reading the very first reference to the worldwide web. For Your Eyes Only was launched in cinemas along with Chariots of Fire. Sheena Easton, Blondie and Bucks Fizz dominated the charts.

Many things have changed since 1981 but the one constant is our commitment to providing the very best level of care for people who are living with, and dying from, a terminal illness. Since 1981 that remains our sole focus. There’s been many changes as we adapt to social needs, such as introducing a Hospice@Home service for people who prefer to be at home in the last two weeks of life so they can be amongst everything they care and love at the end of life. 

The Hospice has been here to serve your great grandparents, grandparents, parents and loved ones for 40 years, and, with your support, we will be here for generations to come.

To give your support so we can continue caring for people with a terminal illness please visit   40 years of care | Strathcarron Hospice