Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


In order to keep everyone safe and the Hospice to remain open for people extra safety measures need to be in place. Patients are very vulnerable due to their illness so every available precaution is taken to keep them safe. This gift represents the extra cost of PPE for one nurse per shift. Read more

Complementary Therapy


A session of massage, aromatherpy or reflexology, carried out by Strathcarron Hospice qualified therapists reduces anxiety and aids with pain relief. The therapists support both in-patients and day-care patients to minimise their symptoms. Read more

Afternoon Tea


At the Hospice we do our best to create an environment which is as non-clinical as possible for people with life-limiting illness. This has been very challenging with the many restrictions in place however we continue to do Afternoon Tea with home baking to tempt the tastebuds of patients and their visitor. Read more

Children's Support


Many children experience grief and loss and, dealt with properly, can go on to lead a fulfilling life as they grow up. Our specialised Social Workers work with any child in the local area who needs support with bereavment of any kind. Read more

Memory Box


As people prepare for end of the life they can take great pleasure in creating a reflective piece of work. With the support of our Strathcarron Hospice Art Therapists patients can create a personal Memory Box to gift a loved one, full of special memories and made with love. Read more