Volunteering at your local Hospice charity brings a world of benefits for both you and Strathcarron.

Your skills, passion and all the things that make you, YOU will be welcomed and valued.

Whatever your reason, there will be a role to suit you. Just get in touch.

Ellen: “I didn’t know much about Strathcarron Hospice before I started volunteering at the charity shop. I just passed by my local shop in Kilsyth and asked if they needed any volunteer help. I was newly retired, so I was keen to socialise and do things to beat the daily boredom. Now more than three years later, I absolutely love when I meet all the lovely people (new and regular) that come through the shop. They pop in for a chat, to drop their donations and to grab a bargain”.

Lorna: “I had friends who were fortunate to have their end of life care at Strathcarron and I wanted to give something back. I started working in the charity shop in Kilsyth over a year ago. I work a day a week and it just makes me feel nice! I’m meeting so many people, having great chats and I just love hearing people’s stories. Everyone has a story. There have been some wonderful conversations with people who have handed in donations. Once you stop and chat, you find out that they’ve lost a loved one and that they’ve just cleared out their cupboards. People sometimes want to talk, and I enjoy listening”.

Margaret: “My dad and mother in law had end of life care with Strathcarron at home. It is a very special place, providing exceptional care and I always donated items to my local shop, here in Kilsyth. As my kids are now a bit older, I now have the time to not only do something for me, but something good for the charity – as well as be more active in my community. I’ve also made some lovely new friends. There are so many benefits to volunteering, I feel like I’ve benefited more than I’ve given”.

Marie: “I like to feel busy. I am socially awkward. Volunteering for the Hospice helps me to meet people, gets me out of the house, my comfort zone and increases my confidence. I want to get into paid work, so I hope this experience helps me to do that. One of my favourite things to do is to make sure the dishes are properly stacked in the dishwasher….not everyone does this properly!

I would tell everyone to try volunteering. If you, perhaps have social issues like me, just go for it”!

If you would like to discuss how you would like to volunteer at Strathcarron Hospice, please complete an Application Form or contact our Volunteer Service Co-ordinator Eileen Ashford on Tel. No. 01324 826222 Ext 271 or e-mail [email protected].

Eileen will arrange for you to come up for a chat so that we can understand how best to use your skills and expertise and what roles would be best suited for you.

By volunteering with us you can make a real difference.

If you are interested volunteering with the Hospice, please click here

If you are interested volunteering at one of our shops or in distribution centre, please click here

* Certain roles within the Hospice are subject to a Disclosure Scotland Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) check.  Prior to the meeting with the Volunteer Service Co-Ordinator, volunteers will be notified of the documents required where a role is subject to a PVG check.