• Question: How does Strathcarron support the local community?
We provide end of life care to patients who have an incurable illness -Across the areas of Forth Valley Cumbernauld and Kilsyth.
Our wide range of services are delivered by a highly skilled, specialist team from the moment of a patient diagnosis.

  • Question: What types of support do we offer ? 
Strathcarron offers a wide range of services to our patients both in the Hospice building and out in peoples own homes-all our services are provided free of charge. Every patient journey is different and services accessed will be dependent on their individual diagnosis and stage of illness.
Our patient services include:

Community Nursing Specialists-visit patients in their own homes at the start and throughout their Hospice journey.

Live Your Life Team-self referral service from the moment of diagnosis

Hospice @ Home-supporting patients who would prefer to remain in their own home-usually within the last 2 weeks of life.

In-patient unit-provides symptom management, respite and end of life care for patients.

Rehabilitation-Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy & Rehab for patients in the own homes and in the Hospice.

Complementary Therapies-massage, aromatherapy and relaxation techniques to relax body & mind.

Bereavement, Patient & family support for both patients and their families before and after death.

Lymphoedema Clinic-Forth Valley Hub for outpatient referrals  and Strathcarron Hospice patients.

Chaplaincy & Spiritual support. provides emotional, psychological and spiritual support 

  • Question: How many people do we help ?

As a charity over 1900* people a year are supported but our Multi-Disciplinary Team both in the Hospice and out in the Community.

  • Question: How many patients do we have in the Hospice ?
Our In-patient unit has capacity for 24 patients.
We have 11 individual rooms and 3 multi-bed wards. All our patient rooms/wards are named after trees eg. Fir, Cherry, Birch, Alder etc.

  • Question: What ages of people do you look after ?

We care for patients aged 18 years and upwards from the moment of referral-this can be in their own homes or in our In-patient unit. The average age of a patient in our In-patient unit is 50 years old.

  • Question: Why do people choose Strathcarron Hospice to help them?

Many of our patients or their families can contact us directly for help or advice from the moment they have been diagnosed with their  illness or condition-they may simply need some reassurance about the early stages of their condition or require more input or care from our team at home or to come into the Hospice.

  • Question: When do patients come in to the Hospice ?

Patients come into the Hospice for a variety of reasons, some only for a short period of time or longer if necessary. This can include a period of respite if they have family considerations, or pain management to have their medication reviewed, or for end of life care.

Many of our patients prefer to stay at home and would receive end of life care from our team surrounded by people and things that they love. During the COVID-pandemic we saw a huge increase in requests for our Hospice@Home service.

  • Question: Do you help children ?

Yes, we also provide Bereavement and family support to all family members including children, from the moment of diagnosis and beyond.

  • Question: How many people work at Strathcarron ?
We have 248 Employees (paid staff) across all the various teams. We also have a team of over 600 Volunteers (un-paid) who assist staff across all areas of the Hospice-(with the exception of medical roles within our IPU.)
We would not be able to operate without the support of our incredible Volunteers helping us.
  • Question: How would Strathcarron use a £3000 grant?
There are a number a ways that a YPI grant could help the Hospice.
  • 125 Hours of specialist care by a Strathcarron Nurse.(£24 per hour)
  • 6 days of care for a patient in our In-patient unit (£459 covers a full day of In-patient care)
  • 2 patients supported by our Hospice@Home service(£1,437 provides 2 weeks of care for a patient at home)
  • 60 Bereavement support sessions (£50 per session)
  • 20 patient Rehab sessions. ( £150 Per Session f-or a patient heading back home)

*(Average figure)